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Audio CDs 25% OFF On Ernesto Cortazar Online Store

From March 13th to March 20th 2012, Ernesto Cortazar Online Store offers all Audio CDs with a 25% discount!All 45 Audio CDs are now on sale. The normal price for an Audio CDs is $12. 99 USD, now at $9

From March 13th to March 20th 2012, Ernesto Cortazar Online Store offers all Audio CDs with a 25% discount!

All 45 Audio CDs are now on sale.

The normal price for an Audio CDs is $12.99 USD, now at $9.74 USD!

The direct link to Ernesto Cortazar's Audio CDs Online Store is:

Ernesto Cortazar Audio CDs Online Store

The complete list of Ernesto Cortazar's Piano Audio CDs is:

9 Lives of Innocence
60 Years
Blue Waters
Boleros Vol. 1
Boleros Vol. 2
Boleros Vol. 3
Boleros Vol. 4
Boleros "The Collection"
Concertos Vol. I
Concertos Vol. II
Concertos Vol. III
Concertos Vol. IV
Concertos Vol. V
Dancing On The Clouds
Days Of Innocence
Ernesto Cortazar Plays Frank Sinatra
Faces Of Nature
Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas)
Forever You and I
Journey Around The World
Journey Around The World Vol. II
Just For You
Just The Two Of Us
Leaves In The Wind
Legend Of The Sea
Memories Of The Fall
Moments Of Solitude
On The Top Of The World
Sailing Through The Stars
Scent Of A Lifetime
Story Of A True Love
Tic Tac Blues
The Swan's Tale
You Are My Destiny

This sale will be available from March 13th to March 20th 2012

Boleros The Collection and Performances have a 25% discount and the sale price is $34.49 USD

Thank you again to all for keeping Ernesto Cortazar's music alive and remember to spread the word and if you can leave a review of his music at the online store will be very appreciated!



#2 Ernesto Cortazar 2012-03-14 08:31
Hello Sharon, I am so glad you found the solution to this correcting the cc info :) I wish you to enjoy your CDs very much, today they have been shipped :)
#1 Sharon Hannahs-Gibson 2012-03-13 11:31
I have placed an order but all I get is Errorcode from Paypal to use credit card in which I have done over 5 times with no luck in finishing my order. I need the CD's so please help me to be able to pay for my CD's.
Sharon Hannahs-Gibson

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  • The second update is that AUDIO CDs LOW SHIPPING RATES are back! I moved the CD distribution back to the US so now you will enjoy the shipping rates you were used to in the past. This will give you the opportunity to purchase your CDs without paying excessive shipping costs. This is for all, US and Worldwide. Enjoy! :)
    profile 02:11 PM
  • Hello to all! I have tow updates to give you. First is that Tunecore (The company that helps me distribute my father's music to all online stores and channels like iTunes and Amazon) now they have partnered with YouTube for adding advertising to all videos including Ernesto Cortazar's Music. This would not affect in any matter your video releases except they will have an ad included.
    profile 02:09 PM
  • **Claude is pleased to offer his video "Shadow Light" accompanied by the music "The Twilight" from the album "The Swan's Tale" performed on piano by Ernesto Cortazar.
    profile 01:57 PM
  • Claude Hersant added a new video
    videos 01:55 PM
  • Dear Lucia,
    Congratulations with your newborn grandson.
    I hope that the baby, his parents and of course his grandma are all doing great :)
    Love from Anna.
    profile 11:43 AM
  • very nice,
    profile 10:08 AM
  • To my friends: More than a month since I upload a video on the birth of my grandson ago, thank you very much for having expected and have sent many videos, comments and emails. Tuesday 21 upload this video gift for all my friends and subscribers with photos of the countries of each. You know that it is not necessary to name them, for my friends and the community of Ernesto Cortazar.
    profile 07:37 AM
    Mar del Plata, Argentina View larger map
    videos 07:35 AM View location
  • Anna Cummings added a new video
    Santa Rosa, Califronia View larger map
    videos 04:21 AM View location
  • Hello friends,
    The below video was created with my Napa Valley photos, near where we live.
    I love the touching piano melody Ernesto Cortazar plays 'When The Soul Cries' from the album 'Leaves In The Wind' because it always touches my heart.
    Enjoy, Anna.
    profile 06:29 PM


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