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“Mascarade” Now Available on Amazon and Napster

Ernesto Cortazar's CD "Mascarade" is now available on Amazon MP3, Napster and Rhapsody.

This album includes the following themes:



1. Mascarade

2. Anonymous Romance

3. Between Thorns And Roses

4. Midnight Letters

5. Noctambule

6. Hidden Love

7. Humble Confession

8. Nocturnal Melancholy

9. I Surrender To Your Love

10. Whispers Of Moonlight

The direct links to this album are:

Mascarade - Amazon:

Napster :

Ernesto Cortazar’s albums have been re-mastered and not only the mastering quality has been improved, the file quality with a 256 kbps Bit Rate compared to the 128 kbps files on 10 years ago will give you the best sound of Ernesto Cortazar's piano ever.

Very soon this album will be available on iTunes, Amazon on Demand, Rhapsody and Napster:

Thank you again to all for keeping Ernesto Cortazar's music alive and remember to spread the word and if you can leave a review of his music on the iTunes store will be very appreciated!

Members Activity

  • Hello friends,
    The below video was created with my Napa Valley photos, near where we live.
    I love the touching piano melody Ernesto Cortazar plays 'When The Soul Cries' from the album 'Leaves In The Wind' because it always touches my heart.
    Enjoy, Anna.
    profile 06:29 PM
  • Anna Cummings added a new video
    Santa Rosa, California View larger map
    videos 06:20 PM View location
  • Hello,
    I created this same video quite some time ago but changed the title and the music in order for me to upload it to the E.C. website.
    Enjoy watching these very 'sexy' tango dancers to the beautiful melody 'Intimate Liaison', from the album 'Ballerina', performed by Ernesto Cortazar, on the piano.
    Internet images.
    profile 05:43 PM
  • Anna Cummings added a new video
    Santa Rosa, California View larger map
    videos 05:34 PM View location
  • **Claude (CHBreizh) presents its creation * Autumn Memories * with a magnificently performed by pianist Ernesto Cortazar * Memories of The Fall * music is taken from the album of the same name.
    profile 12:38 PM
  • Claude Hersant added a new video
    videos 12:36 PM
  • Hello,
    I like to share my video 'Orchids' with Ernesto Cortazar playing one of my very favorite piano melodies 'MI AMOR POR TI' 'MY LOVE FOR YOU' from the album 'BOLEROS 11'
    with my photos.
    Enjoy, Anna.
    profile 12:26 PM
  • Anna Cummings added a new video
    Santa Rosa, California View larger map
    videos 12:18 PM View location
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