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Blue Waters And Sailing Through The Stars Hit iTunes World Top 100 Albums Chart

Ernesto Cortazar's CDs "Blue Waters" and “Sailing Through The Stars” hit the position #62 and #63 on iTunes World Genre Top 100 Albums Chart.

iTunes World Top 100 Albums Chart

This is a great success for Ernesto Cortazar’s music as iTunes is one of the most important online stores worldwide.

Blue Waters CD includes the following themes:

  1. 1. Remembrance

  2. 2. Mournful Seaside


  3. 3. Blue Waters

  4. 4. Perpetual Breeze

  5. 5. When The Waves Dance

  6. 6. Profound Passion

  7. 7. Sea Of Tears

  8. 8. Embraced By The Rainbow

  9. 9. Tide Of Lust

  10. 10. Lonely Island

Link to Blue Waters CD on iTunes

Sailing Through The Stars CD includes the following themes:

1. Sailing Through The Stars

2. Constellations Of Romance

3. The Sky Lives Among Your Eyes

4. Playful Comet

5. Immensity

6. A Waltz Towards Eternity

7. Venus

8. Eternal Love Affair

9. The Moon Is Our Pillow

10. That World We Left Behind

Link to Sailing Through The Stars CD on iTunes

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Ernesto Cortazar’s albums have been re-mastered and not only the mastering quality has been improved, the file quality with a 256 kbps Bit Rate compared to the 128 kbps files on 10 years ago will give you the best sound of Ernesto Cortazar's piano ever.

Thank you again to all for keeping Ernesto Cortazar's music alive and remember to spread the word and if you can leave a review of his music on the store will be very appreciated!

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