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Week's Album: 60 Years

60 Years - Ernesto Cortazar - Spotify60 Years is our Week's Album which includes 10 beautiful melodies composed by Ernesto Cortazar and it's album hit "Sicilian Romance".

Listen Our Week's Album "60 Years"on Spotify:

This is 60 Years' melody list:

  • 60 Years - Thank you God, thank you for giving me on these "60 Years" of life, the chance to love and to be loved. For “Sending me an Angel” to which I will be in love forever and for the blessing of raising 4 beautiful souls that have filled my heart with happiness. Thank you for showing me the meaning of friendship and for all the moments I have shared with them. For these and for many more reasons I dedicate you this song. Thank you God, thank you.
  • Foolish Heart - Even I know she cannot be mine, I felt in love. "Foolish Heart", her love belongs to someone else and this will never change. Please stop this suffering, please forget about her.
  • Missing you - It is a rainy day. The sky is crying as my soul cries for you. I cannot forget you, it is beyond my control. I look up to the sky again looking for an answer, but it does not tell me how to stop “Missing You”. It is a rainy day.
  • My First Love - There she was, sitting on a bench with all her books at her side. Her beauty blinded me, that day I felt something different, something new. I asked her if I could invite her to have some coffee and she accepted. I remember the day I kissed her for the first time, that day I realized she was "My First Love".
  • Sicilian Romance - I composed this theme dedicated to that "Sicilian Romance" I had long time ago. Just listen to it an imagine the beautiful moment I had in my life.

60 Years aslo includes:


  • At Your Side
  • Summer Dreams
  • Good Morning My Love
  • Forgive Me
  • Deep In My Soul

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