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  • I like to share with you my latest video 'PATH TO THE POND'.
    Ernesto Cortazar is playing the beautiful piano melody 'AMAZED BY BEAUTY'
    from the album 'The Swan's Tale'.
    Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.
    profile 02:27 PM
  • Anna Cummings added a new video
    Santa Rosa, California View larger map
    videos 02:19 PM View location
  • 'Tears', a watery secretion from the eyes.
    Since we have known for a long time that the earth is round, we now understand that 'things' do not fall from 'above', but fall from outer space.
    Try to watch 'ZEITGEIST' , 'Moving Forward'.
    There are 3 DVD's to watch and well worth it.
    It will change your thinking in a realistic direction.
    profile 10:12 AM
  • Jenny added a new comment on the video TEARS
    videos 08:31 PM
  • I see TEARS in Jenny's video"Tears".Excellent creation!
    profile 08:23 PM
  • In the video 'Crying in the rain', they are not tears but dew- or raindrops.
    profile 07:28 PM
  • Jenny added a new video
    “Crying in the rain. No one sees your tears and your pain gets washed away.” ― Elizabeth Bourgeret
    videos 04:56 PM
  • *Création vidéo "La Mélodie des Mots": Claude Hersant.
    Textes: Roselyne Hersant (les textes écrits en français ont été traduits en Anglais avec Google traduction).
    Music:"Amaneci Entre tus Brazos-La Media Vuelta-Sinon Dejan" extraite de l'album Boléros Vol.1, composée et interprétée par Ernesto Cortazar.
    profile 02:10 PM
  • * Create video "The Sound of Words": Claude Hersant.
    Texts: Roselyne Hersant (written in French texts were translated into English with Google Translate).
    Music: "Entre tus Brazos Amaneci-La Media Vuelta Dejan-Else" from the album Boleros Vol.1, composed and performed by Ernesto Cortazar.
    profile 02:09 PM


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