100 Sheet Music Released of Ernesto Cortazar's Music Catalogue!

100 Sheet Music Released of Ernesto Cortazar's Music Catalogue!

This is great news! Ernesto Cortazar's Sheet Music Collection has reached 100 releases!. We want to thank all Ernesto Cortazar's fans for supporting his music by purchasing it and sharing it with their loved ones. Because of you is why we are motivated each minute!

We want to give special thanks to our dear friends who helped us transcribe all these 100 beautiful melodies. Hiram Fernandez, Cristina Abaroa, Alejandro Carballo, Irving Flores, Casper Jazz, Giuseppe Torrisi and Alex Tseng, Without you, this would not be a dream come true!

All 100 Sheet Music can be purchased separately or all together with the Sheet Music Collection Pack.

Each Sheet Music has a normal price of: $5.99 USD. 100 Sheet Music totals $599.00, purchasing the Ernesto Cortazar Sheet Music Collection at 269.99 USD, You save 329.01 USD! You save 55%!

The link to Ernesto Cortazar's Sheet Music Collection Pack is:


The complete list of all 100 Sheet Music in this Collection is:

60 Years
9 Lives Of Innocence
As The Sun Rises
At Your Side
Autumn Rose
Blue Waters
Dancing On The Clouds
Deep In My Soul
Intimate Liaison
Leaves In The Wind
Memories of the Fall
On The Top Of The World
Our Love Never Dies
Play It Again
Somewhere In My Soul
Stolen Kiss
The Swan's Tale
Waiting For You
My First Love
Sicilian Romance
Secret Feelings
Nights Of Silk And Tears
Eternal Love Affair
Sailing Through The Stars
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Beethoven's Silence
Just For You
Let Me Kiss You
Let's Take A Walk
Love Hurts
River Of Dreams
The Moon Is Watching Us
What Happened Between Us
Lonely Island
Milky Way
Between Thorns And Roses
Forever You And I
La Vida Es Bella
Morelia's Waltz
Secrets Of My Heart
You Are My Destiny
Story Of A True Love
Capricho Italiano
Waltz Of Love
There Is Only You
The Greatest Miracle Of Love
Two Candles For Two Hearts
Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos
Free as a Seagull
My Piano Cries For You
Infinite Love
Days of Innocence
Sabor a Mi
El Dia Que Me Quieras
Foolish Heart
Contigo Aprendi
Cuando Vuelva a tu Lado
Sea of Tears
A New Day
Si Nos Dejan
Morenita Mia
Tonight You'll Be Mine
Today, Tomorrow and Forever
God sent me and Angel
Missing You
Dancing Waves
Good Morning My Love
Just The Two Of Us
Tide Of Lust
So Sad To Say Goodbye
Forgive Me
Summer Dreams
Legend Of The Sea
Message in a Bottle
Horizon Of Hope
With You
Together Again
When The Waves Dance
Eternamente (Eternally)
Mournful Seaside
Without a Father

Note: All Ernesto Cortazar's Sheet Music are Downloadable Products only.

All of them available on Ernesto Cortazar's Sheet music Online Store:


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Thank you again to all for keeping Ernesto Cortazar's music alive and remember to spread the word and if you can leave a review of his music at the online store will be very appreciated!


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