• Ernesto Cortazar Relaxing Piano Music Composer - Film Music, Instrumental, Easy Listening

    Ernesto Cortazar

    Born in 1940 (02 May 1940)

    Ernesto Cortazar II was born in Mexico City into a family of composers. Ernesto's father, Ernesto Cortazar Sr., was an accomplished composer respected in his field and was named president of the Society of Authors and Composers

    1953 - 1957 (Early Years)

    When Ernesto Cortazar II was 13 he tragically lost both of his parents in a horrible auto accident. Despite tragedy Ernesto preceded with his intense studies by attending a music academy, and by age 17, he began scoring for movies.

    1st Musical Achievement - 1958

    At age 18, Ernesto completed his very first musical score for the motion picture "La Risa de la Ciudad". The main musical composition for this film was Ernesto's piano piece titled "River of Dreams." With this film, Ernesto Cortazar won the award for Best Background Music for a Latin American Film at The Cartagena Festival.

    Milestone in his Musical Film Carreer

    Ernesto composed musical scores for more than 500 motion pictures.

    His Music Performances Worldwide (1966 - 1999)

    Ernesto traveled to more than 25 countries and performed his original compositions for political figures such as President Menem of Argentina, Nikita Krushev of the USSR and entertained in such prestigious venues including The Kremlin (USSR) and The Mexican Presidential House.

    Hollywood enjoyed his piano

    Ernesto's incredible performance was requested and enjoyed by many of Hollywood's biggest celebrities including Charlton Heston, Danny de Vito, Michael Bolton, Octavio Paz, and The Rolling Stones.

    His music took internet by the storm (1999 - 2001)

    Ernesto Cortazar found even bigger fame being the #1 artist on the #1 music website in the world. Out of 130,000 artists Ernesto leaded the way with over 14,000,000 downloads to his compositions on MP3.com fromm 1999 to 2001 and his sites were visited for more than 4,000,000 viewers.
    Including the U.S., Ernesto sold over 30,000 CD's to 69 countries without any record label, management company or agency.

    The last years... (2001 - 2004)

    In 2001, Ernesto moved from Los Angeles to Tampico, Mexico to live his last years near his family. Ernesto Cortazar died in 2004 but his legacy remains with his music and his two sons, Ernesto Cortazar III and Edgar Cortazar, who are succesfull songwriters on the Latin Market.

    2 Aug 2004

    Ernesto Cortazar passed away on August 2nd 2004

  • Ernesto Cortazar III Relaxing Piano Music Composer - Film Music, Instrumental, Easy Listening

    Ernesto Cortazar III

    Born in 1968 (25 Aug 1968)

    Ernesto Cortázar III belongs to a dynasty of composers, being the third generation of this along with his brother Edgar Cortázar.

    His first steps (1985 - 1988)

    His musical career began at the age of 17 when, together with his father, he created the background music for his first film titled: Atrapen al Fugitivo.
    His musical learning begins with his father and he continues his studies by completing his Bachelor of Composition at the Center for Research and Musical Studies in Mexico City, which is affiliated with the Royal London Academy of Music.

    Working with Alejandro Jodorowsky... (1989 - 1990)

    Combining his studies with work, Ernesto Cortázar III continued working alongside his father creating background music for the Mexican Cinema. Among the most outstanding films in his career is the co-production French-Mexican: Ondina and Cannes Festival Release film production of the renowned film director Alejandro Jodorowsky titled Santa Sangre, this being one of the most recognized and internationally awarded films by said director and in which Ernesto Cortázar III shares with his father the direction and musical production of the same.

    Soap Opera Musical Direction (1991)

    In the television field Ernesto Cortázar III together with his father share credits when performing the background music for the soap opera Madres Egoístas by the renowned producer Juan Osorio, in this project Ernesto Cortázar III is in charge of the Musical Direction carrying it out in the studios of Televisa San Angel.

    Tazzár Studio musical Journey (1991 - 1994)

    In his eagerness to grow and to open new horizons, Ernesto Cortázar III founded his Audio and Video Production Company under the name of Tazzár Studio, opening his doors with the Spanish musical production of the album titled Travel Songs by Walt Disney. The work dumbbell of Walt Disney and Ernesto Cortázar III continued to bear fruit with the production of multiple productions such as: Lullaby (Nursery Rhymes), Arrritmética, Navidad Disney, the album album for the television series Dinosaurs and Fiesta Dinosaurios where not only is in charge of the voice production and direction, but also Disney gives him the opportunity to compose various musical themes, in turn, Ernesto Cortázar III produces the musical adaptations for marketing of the themes of the films: Aladdin and Lion King, in the latter receiving a congratulation from the composer Elton John.
    In the field of advertising, Ernesto Cortázar III worked on the production and composition of commercial music for companies such as: Chrysler, Ricolino, Televisión Azteca and Nissan, among others.

    Cancun & L.A. Experience (1994 - 1998)

    The next step in Ernesto's life was to move to the city of Cancun and there he associated with the video producer Mastercom for the development of background music for local documentaries, among which a part of the Discovery Channel documentary series dedicated to the Mayan Zone ... One of the projects that has most filled Ernesto Cortázar III is having had the opportunity to produce an album for his father where he performs his favorite compositions and songs on the piano entitled Ernesto Cortázar at the Ritz Carlton Cancún. At the end of this project Ernesto Cortázar III decides to move to the city of Los Angeles, California where he produces more than six hundred demos of songs for more than forty composers in order to promote these songs in the artistic medium through the Editora Pacific Music by Máximo Aguirre .

    Ernesto Cortazar III promotes his father's music and takes the internet by the storm (1999 - 2001)

    Ernesto Cortázar III returns to team up with his father, this time promoting the latter's music through the Internet, without knowing that this was going to be one of the most successful projects of his career. The music of Ernesto Cortázar crossed the borders reaching more than seventy-six countries with the sale of his albums and his music was downloaded more than fourteen million times on the MP3.com portal, thus being the artist with the most downloads worldwide among more than one hundred and fifty thousand independent artists. This success was recognized by media such as: Unívisión Television Network, the Billboard music magazine and the New York Times newspaper, giving it the main page of the shows section. Seeing the promotion success that Ernesto Cortázar III made with his father's music, other artists of the stature of Christopher Cross and Colin Hay, Australian lead singer of the band Men at Work, looked for him to also promote their music. At the end of this project Ernesto Cortazar III decides to return to his country and settle in his beloved Tampico surrounded by his family and friends to help take care of his father´s health and continue his musical career.

    Many artists recorded Ernesto Cortazar III´s songs (2001 - 2005)

    Throughout his artistic career, Ernesto Cortázar III never stopped dedicating himself to song composition and the moment came when he and his brother decided to start promoting them. Among the artists who have recorded themes of his inspiration are:
    Selena Gomez, Luis Miguel, Olga Tañón, Conjunto Primavera, Los Rieleros del Norte, Dareyes de la Sierra, Patrulla 81, Los Reyes de el Camino, Priscilla and their Silver Bullets, Grupo Presizzo.

    The Grammys Arrived (2006)

    The year 2006 became a year full of success for Ernesto Cortázar III and his brother Edgar, culminating the latter on November 2 at the Latin Grammys at Madison Square Garden in New York where they won recognition for the Best Tropical Album of the year titled A New Woman by Olga Tañón, which includes the song Maldito Seductor composed by Ernesto Cortázar III and Edgar Cortázar and the Latin Grammy for Best Regional Mexican Song of the Year titled Aún Sigues performed by Conjunto Primavera.

    The international arena... (2007 - 2013)

    Ernesto Cortazar III career as a composer continued to bear fruit and now in the international arena where artists of the stature of Selena Gomez interpreted his creations.

    On 2010, Ernesto Cortazar III decided to re-release his father´s music catalogue which stopped to be promoted since 2001. This time Ernesto Cortazar III distributes this catalogue throughout the world using the new music platforms in the market making his father´s music comeback a huge success.

    2014 until now...

    In January 2014 Ernesto launches his first piano production titled Legacy which has reached more than 76 countries around the world and since then he has released 3 more albums, Feliz Navidad, Insight and Storyteller. His passion for music still and his love for music production.