20% Discounts Hunt Daily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

20% Discounts Hunt Daily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Lets have fun with social platforms :)

We have started a new way for you to get discounts for all MP3 Albums and Sheet Music visiting our social platforms:

Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

20% Discount Hunt on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

20% Discount Hunt

Each day, a new product will appear on each of our social platforms with a 20% Discount. These Discounts will be Valid for 24 Hours. Each social platform will offer you a different product from the rest of the social platforms, this means 3 different products will be on discount the same day!

We invite you to follow us on our Facebook Fan Page, Instagram Fan Page and Twitter Fan Page to take advantage of these great discounts!

Each product will show you the code that will activate the 20% discount on our store and the date of the discount release. Remember these codes are valid for the next 24 hours after the discount offer is released.

We hope you will have fun with our 20% Discount Hunt! :)

Lets the Discount Hunt Begin!

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