Empty Streets Video - Now On YouTube

Empty Streets Video - Now On YouTube

Today I invite you to watch my new video "Empty Streets" on YouTube, hope you will enjoy it.

We are living difficult times. Times where no hugs, kisses, caresses are allowed. We feel prisoners of an invisible guard, something that can steal us our last breath and the chance to be with our loved ones again.

We see "Empty Streets" with hope to walk them again, with the illusion of crossing that street that take us to that coffee shop where good old friends gather.

My wishes to all of you are to be safe and healthy for a New Beginning to come in which we can hug again.

God bless.


This album will include the following themes:

1 Empty Streets
2 Just Me
3 Storyteller
4 Field of Thorns
5 Keys of a Dream
6 Love In Silence
7 Beto
8 One Wish
9 Woman in White
10 A New Beginning

The direct links to this album are:


Storyteller by Ernesto Cortazar III on Spotify:

Storyteller by Ernesto Cortazar III on Amazon MP3:

Storyteller by Ernesto Cortazar III on Deezer:

Storyteller by Ernesto Cortazar III on YouTube:

Storyteller by Ernesto Cortazar III on Google Play:

Storyteller by Ernesto Cortazar III on Amazon Music:

Ernesto Cortazar Store MP3 Album:

Very soon available on: iTunes, Tik Tok, Amazon on Demand, MySpace Music, Nokia, Zune, Shockhound, Thumbplay, Medianet, Napster, Bandcamp and more.

Thank you again to all for keeping Ernesto Cortazar's music alive and remember to spread the word and if you can leave a review of his music at the online store will be very appreciated!


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