Faces Of Nature - Now Available on Amazon MP3 and Lala

Faces Of Nature - Now Available on Amazon MP3 and Lala

Today is a very special day. After re-releasing Ernesto Cortazar's music catalogue today we start a new era. A new series of albums never released before that my father prepared for all of us to share and enjoy before leaving us.

Ernesto Cortazar's CD "Faces Of Nature" is now available on Amazon MP3 and Lala.

A CD with beautiful melodies composed by Ernesto Cortazar.

This album includes the following themes:

1. Faces Of Nature    
2. Eagle's Flight
3. To Become A Butterfly
4. When The Ocean Sleeps
5. Dance Of A Hummingbird
6. Oasis
7. Playful Wind
8. Milky Way
9. Night
10. A New DayThe direct link to this album is:

Faces Of Nature

Amazon MP3:


Very soon available on: iTunes, Amazon Audio CD and Rhapsody.

You can also check Ernesto Cortazar's complete available discography and the stores where you can get it at his site Ernesto Cortazar - Discography

Ernesto Cortazar’s albums have been re-mastered and not only the mastering quality has been improved, the file quality with a 320 and 256 kbps Bit Rate compared to the 128 kbps files on mp3.com 10 years ago will give you the best sound of Ernesto Cortazar's piano ever.

Thank you again to all for keeping Ernesto Cortazar's music alive and remember to spread the word and if you can leave a review of his music at the online store will be very appreciated!

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