New features, new services... I am happy!

New features, new services... I am happy!

As many of you have seen, this website has new features and new services added. It has been many hours of work but believe me, very exiting and with lots of fun!



Lets start the old album pages.... they are gone and have been replaced buy the MP3 Album Pages and Audio CD pages, both having the melodies' descriptions and a music player for each featured melody, the rest of the melodies under that album, share a player on the bottom of the page. The good things about this change are...

  • All melodies have a complete music stream now! No more 30 second demo songs.
  • Each album page counts with a better and organized layout plus the ability of purchasing the albums from this same site with just one click! There is iTunes, Amazon, Naspter and Rhapsody too... all of them with excellent service but why not give you a personalized service on my father's website? :)
  • One Online Store, 3 product categories:
  1. Sheet Music: Many of my father's fans enjoy playing his music at home. Each week I release a new sheet music so you can have more variety.
  2. MP3 Albums: This last month I worked on this new store, when released gave some minor problems but now that is completely integrated to my father's online store works perfect! The music download system and the order system give me the chance to follow each order and be able to give any support if needed.
  3. Audio CDs: Our latest release and the one I have been dreaming to bring to all of you for years!! A dream come true... Now all my father's music and mine is available as Audio CDs and with International Shipping! The work on this service has been exhausting but exiting! To develop all the infrastructure, logistic, product design and many other things has given me a great satisfaction. Each CD comes with a 2 page booklet, back tray print, CD printed and packed in cellophane.

It is also a pleasure to tell you that after announcing the Audio CDs release on my father's website, we got our first order and these CDs will fly far.... Cyprus!

I really thank you for all your support to my father's music. I really wish you to enjoy it more and more each day and to let you know that for me it is a joy and pleasure to work on this website to bring you a more friendly experience and a better service.... Now, talking about friendly website... I am sooo happy to see many of you interacting and sharing thoughts, videos, pictures... that was the main purpose of this website, to give you the tools to find new friends that like the same music you do and to share!

Lets remember my father's words.... Today is the best day of my life because today I can share my music with you.... the most important word on this sentence is "share" when we do this, our heart feels joy and when we see others happy because of our actions, this give us even more happiness...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you all!

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