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Ernesto Cortazar III

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Eternal Echoes

Eternal Echoes

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Eternal Echoes
Memories... they travel constantly inside us. From our mind to our heart reaching our soul. Each day we grow older, the more they rumble inside us. From all those memories, I have many that I call "Eternal Echoes". This melody is dedicated to you Dad, for all those beautiful and meaningful "Eternal Echoes" you and I created and that have been with me since I was a child and you my always loving father.

Life... An unexpected miracle. A universal tiny moment where we experience the gift of senses. We suddenly appear in a place where other souls wait for us with love to show us the wonders around. A "Mystic" world that for us became true the day we were born. How we will treasure that gift? Each of us will find its way, it will be unique.

Those Days
"Those Days"... When things were simple. When running in the streets, sharing stories with friends, enjoying time with those who are not with us today, brought us all the happiness and peace we needed. Those days that marked our lives and made us the persons we are today, are the treasure I keep in my heart.

Mi tía hermosa (My beautiful aunt)... You were the meaning of the word LOVE. Each person that had the privilege to know you, know what I mean. Your words, your smile, your invaluable heart gave me so much warmth, peace, comfort. This melody was your companion until you left us and I know you took with you all these notes and now you are Dancing On The Clouds with my uncle Arturo... Your eternal love is now beside you once more. Te amo tia Estelita... siempre. (I love you aunt Estelita... always.)

Volver a Vivir

One day, one moment can change everything... From being so close to leave us, prisoner inside your own mind, unable to express with words or even moving one of your hands, to this new chance in life. I though I was going to lose you, you are a brother to me and your pain has been mine. One year since that terrible moment and today, you have taught me that love, motivation, discipline, belief brought you back. You freed your mind, you can ride your bike again! Your uncertainty about your future is gone. Today you have a new chance Guillermo... It is time to "Volver a Vivir" (Live Again).


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