Ernesto Cortazar music now on Apple Music

Ernesto Cortazar music now on Apple Music

For all Apple Music users, now Ernesto Cortazar Music is available on Apple Music.

Now you can listen to Ernesto Cortazar's Albums and melodies on iTunes on your computer and in your Apple Music App on your iPhone and iPad.

Just open Apple Music and go to Connect, search for Ernesto Cortazar and follow him. You will find all his music and also new posts sharing his music and, news and music pieces of future releases.

You can listen to all his music, share it, favorite it, start a station, add it to your music, make it available offline, show it on iTunes Store and add to playlists. it. It is a great place to enjoy and interact at the same time.

All 47 CDs are available on Apple Music, just open your app, search for Ernesto Cortazar, follow him and enjoy!

60 Years
9 Lives Of Innocence
Blue Waters
Boleros Vol. 1
Boleros Vol. 2
Boleros Vol. 3
Boleros Vol. 4
Ernesto Cortazar Plays Frank Sinatra
Just For You
Leaves In The Wind
Moments of Sol'itude
On The Top Of The World
Tic Tac Blues
Dancing in The Clouds
Forever You and I
Just Two Of Us
Legend of the Sea
Sailing Through The Stars
Scent of Life Time
You are My Destiny
Days Of Innocence
Journey Around The World
Journey Around The World Vol. II
Concertos Vol. I
Concertos Vol. II
Concertos Vol. III
Concertos Vol. IV
Concertos Vol. V
Faces Of Nature
Story of a True Love
Memories Of The Fall
Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas)
Immortal Melodies
Silver Moon
The Swan's Tale

Visit Ernesto Cortazar's Artist Page on Apple Music and enjoy his music.

Thank you again to all for keeping Ernesto Cortazar's music alive and remember to spread the word and if you can leave a review of his music at the online store will be very appreciated!


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