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Pick Your Store...

How many times have you wondered where can you find Ernesto Cortazar's music? Well, his music is available on many online stores that give you different services like download and streaming.

Here you will find the list of online stores where you can find Ernesto Cortazar's music and a brief description on how each of this stores work.

 iTunes: iTunes is an application that allows users to purchase, download and listen to Ernesto Cortazar's music via computers or other iTunes compatible devices.

Ernesto Cortazar's Music on iTunes

 Spotify: With access to all Ernesto Cortazar's songs in high quality audio through your computer, on your mobile device and beyond, Spotify makes it easier than ever for music fans to play and share Ernesto Cortazar's music legally. All you need to do is create a Spotify account and download the streaming music player.

Ernesto Cortazar's Music on Spotify

 Amazon MP3: The Amazon MP3 Store combines Ernesto Cortazar's MP3 catalogs with the convenience of easy-click purchasing.

Ernesto Cortazar's Music on Amazon MP3

 Amazon CD's: Amazon CDs gives you the opportunity to purchase Ernesto Cortazar's CDs and ship them to your home.

Ernesto Cortazar's Music on Amazon CD

 Google Play: Google Play includes an online music store that offers two different services.  One aspect of the Google Play store provides à la carte digital downloads of Ernesto Cortazar's albums and tracks and the other is a subscription service called “Google Play All Access” that allows subscribers to access Google Play’s entire library of subscription content via streams and conditional downloads on authorized devices.

Ernesto Cortazar's Music on Google Play

 Rdio: Rdio is a music service, where you discover music through your friends and followers. Rdio works in a browser, on your desktop, on Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iPhone smartphones, iPads, and on Sonos and Roku systems. With on-demand access to Ernesto Cortazar's Catalogue, Rdio connects people with music and makes it easy to search for and instantly play any song, album, artist or playlist without ever hearing a single ad.

Ernesto Cortazar's Music on Rdio

 Deezer: Deezer is the market leader in music streaming worldwide with 20 million users, 1.5M Deezer subscribers, 1.5M tracks including Ernesto Cortazar's Music, more than 600,000 Facebook fans and 300,000 followers on Twitter. Today Deezer is the first music streaming service that does not rely on software downloads. In September 2011, Deezer announced a partnership with Facebook, an important international step that allowed Deezer to integrate its services into the world’s largest social network.

Ernesto Cortazar's Music on Deezer

Other Online Stores:

 xBox Music: Ernesto Cortazar's Music on xBox Music

 Rhapsody: Ernesto Cortazar's Music on Rhapsody

 eMusic: Ernesto Cortazar's Music on eMusic

 MySpace Music: Ernesto Cortazar's Music on MySpace Music

 iHeart Radio: Ernesto Cortazar's Music on iHeart Radio

 Nokia: Ernesto Cortazar's Music on Nokia

 MediaNet: Ernesto Cortazar's Music on MediaNet

 Wimp: Ernesto Cortazar's Music on Wimp

 Billboard Music Store: Ernesto Cortazar's Music on Billboard Music Store

There is always Ernesto Cortazar's Online Store where you can get directly from us his music on MP3 Albums.

Here are the link to Ernesto Cortazar's Online Store:

- Ernesto Cortazar Store MP3 Album:

Ernesto Cortazar’s albums have been re-mastered and not only the mastering quality has been improved, the file quality with a 320 kbps Bit Rate compared to the 128 kbps files on mp3.com 10 years ago will give you the best sound of Ernesto Cortazar's piano ever.

Thank you again to all for keeping Ernesto Cortazar's music alive and remember to spread the word and if you can leave a review of his music at the online store will be very appreciated!


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