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Ernesto Cortazar

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9 Lives Of Innocence

9 Lives Of Innocence

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9 Lives Of Innocence
It seems like yesterday when I was a little boy, when I used to climb trees and feel likeI was climbing the Everest... Playing marbles with my friends and trading them... Being with my Grandpa and listening to his stories... Waiting anxious to see the clowns when the circus was coming to town... Counting the stars and dreaming to be an astronaut...Asking my mom to tell me a story and she always starting it saying once upon a time...Going to Kindergarden and learning the abc...When I enjoyed each moment of my sweet childhood... Yes, I had a beautiful childhood and I dream that each little boy and girl in the world can have it too, please help me, if we all join our hearts for this cause I'm sure that we can give then all those magical moments... we can give them... "9 Lives of Innocence".

Once Upon A Time
Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents used to tell you a story before going to bed? I do and you don't know how much I miss the phrase "Once upon a time".

There's nothing in life like playing and listening to "Grandpa's" stories...those stories in which you see a hero... someone who you admire. Do you remember your "Grandpa's" stories?

Counting The Stars
It was a beautiful night and the moon was shining like never before, my dad was next to me and we began "Counting the Stars", thenhe asked me which is the one you like the most and I said.....that one, that big star on the top.I want to be an astronaut I said... and he smiled. After that we spent all night "Counting the Stars" again.

When I was a boy... I remember waiting with excitement the Circus arrival to town... Wondering if there was different shows than last year. I loved the Circus, but what I loved the most of it, was the "Clowns", they were the only ones with new shows each year. Have you seen a Clown's face? Have you looked them in the eyes? I've seen tender, happyness, and a bit of sadness but.... Have you looked how they smile?

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- Marbles
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