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Ernesto Cortazar

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Nights Of Silk And Tears
Together we show our passion, we give ourselves to that moment in which both of us have the fear that someday we might lose each other. Those are our "Nights of Silk and Tears".

Intimate Liaison
We have so much in common, we think and share the same ideas, and in the quiet of the night we express our passion like if it is the last days of our life. All this and more is what we are in our "Intimate Liaison".

I see you and my life has a meaning, takes a course. Your movements are so delicate, so soft. My heart belongs to you my "Ballerina".

The play was being performed when the lights went off announcing the "Intermezzo", while people were waiting our love and passion hide behind the drop curtains.

Music Box
I went into an antique store and suddenly I heard a sweet melody. I followed the sound and there it was, a little "Music Box" with you dancing inside my Ballerina.

This Album also includes:
- Aurora
- Piruette
- The 3rd Act
- Nightingale
- When I Used To Dance
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