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Ernesto Cortazar

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Blue Waters

Blue Waters

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This is one my newest compositions. I was in Monterrey, Mexico, missing my family and those wonderful moments we have when we are together.

Blue Waters
In my life I have lived incredible moments but none like when I am with you. For you this song, the one that will remember us when we sealed our love, the one that will get us back to those "Blue Waters" that were witnesses of our passion and the promises we made to each other.

When The Waves Dance
"When the waves dance", the sky paints the horizon with a celestial blue that cannot be compared. When we dance, the world around us turns magical and our love shines like a star.

Sea Of Tears
On those long trips I had to make, I missed you every minute, every second. Here I am again on a balcony of some hotel, watching the horizon without you. The sea is calm, crying quietly as my heart, a heart that is a "Sea of Tears" when is so far from you.

Lonely Island
In the deep horizon of the Blue Waters exists a place which I call my own. The piece of earth that fulfills my hope and domains my dreams... that "Lonely Island"...

This Album also includes:
- Mournful Seaside
- Perpetual Breeze
- Profound Passion
- Embraced By The Rainbow
- Tide Of Lust
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