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Ernesto Cortazar

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Boleros "The Collection"

Boleros "The Collection"

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El Dia Que Me Quieras - (Vol. 1)
Carlos Gardel (11 December 1887/1890 - 24 June 1935) was a singer, songwriter and actor, and is perhaps the most prominent figure in the history of tango. El Día Que Me Quieras is one of his most beautiful compositions and today I share it with you.

Usted - (Vol. 1)
Gabriel Ruiz, Jose Antonio Zorrilla composed this beautiful song that has been recorded all around the world, one of the most beautiful Boleros ever.

Contigo Aprendí - (Vol. 2)
Armando Manzanero is one of the greatest Mexican composers. His beautiful melodies have traveled around the world delighting many people. Contigo Aprendi is one of them and I want to share this performance with you.

Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado - (Vol. 2)
Marie Grever and her sensibility were born in a boat traveling to Spain. Her childhood in Sevilla and her Mexican roots gave her a unique combination that enchanted many. Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado make us travel with Maria to her loved Sevilla and back.

Morenita Mia - (Vol. 3)
Armando Villareal composed this song in 1921, it was dedicated to Lupita Salazar who become his wife. He wanted to name the song Lupita but she asked not to add her name to the song and that is why he titled it "Morenita Mia (My Brunette)"

Júrame - (Vol. 3)
Marie Grever's first hit on her career was Júrame (Promise, Love). From there she started a bright career composing boleros for Paramount Pictures and 20Th Century Fox.

Flores Negras - (Vol. 4)
In 1934, Sergio De Karlo with the hope of conquering new horizons, Sergio studies music with the world-renowned composer Agustin Lara, the composer of numerous hits including the Spanish standard “Granada.” At this time, Sergio makes his Mexican debut at the Olympia Theatre in Mexico City, where he writes several songs for a new movie, including the beautiful and romantic ballad "Flores Negras (Black Flowers)." This song becomes an enormous hit with Pedro Vargas, propelling Sergio to major stardom throughout Mexico. It also becomes an international hit, eventually being recorded by artists such as Bing Crosby, Gene Autry, Lawrence Welk, Eydie Gormé with Los Panchos, Ana Gabriel and many others.

Azul - (Vol. 4)
Agustin Lara again delights us with another wonderful melody "Azul (Blue)" This is one of Agustin Lara's greatest hits and one of my father's favorites. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

This Album also includes:
- Boleros Vol. 1
- Sabor A Mi
- Contigo A La Distancia
- Amaneci Entre Tus Brazos - La Media Vuelta - Si Nos Dejan
- Delirio
- Y Volvere
- Besame Mucho
- Vereda Tropical
- Seguire Mi Viaje - Sabor A Mi
- Y Volvere - El Triste - La Nave Del Olvido - Orfeo Negro
- Grande - Ay Amor Ya No Me Quieras Tanto - Contigo - El Dia
- Boleros Vol. 2
- Si Nos Dejan
- No Se Tu
- Porque Ya No Me Quieres - Mujer - Maria Bonita - Farolito
- Amor Mio
- Amaneci En Tu Brazos
- Ay Amor Ya No Me Quieras Tanto
- Mi Amor Por Ti
- El Triste
- Jibarito - Preciosa
- Contigo a La Distancia - La Gloria Eres Tu
- Adoro - No Se Tu - Contigo Aprendi
- Boleros Vol. 3
- Muñequita Linda
- Viajera
- Por Ti Aprendí A Querer
- Nunca
- La Noche Que Pasé Contigo
- Historia De Un Amo
- Noche De Ronda
- Pensando En Ti
- Boleros Vol. 4
- Mienteme
- Nochecita
- Flor De Azalea
- Mi Consentida
- Amor Perdido
- Quien
- Me Gusta Como Eres
- Soñar
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