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Ernesto Cortazar

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Concertos Vol. IV

Concertos Vol. IV

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Tears (Concerto)
There is nothing in this world that can break your heart like the "Tears" of a woman..

Without A Father (Concerto)
I never heard I love you from his lips, I don't remember if he ever kissed me. 46 years has passed since I lost him and still hurts that I had a life "Without a Father".

Secret Feelings (Concerto)
Have you been in love with someone that doesn't know your feelings? I have... I have dreamed to have her by my side, look at her and kiss her... but those are only my "Secret Feelings" about her.

This Album also includes:
- 9 Lives Of Innocence (Concerto)
- The Sky Lives Among Your Eyes (Concerto)
- Be My Valentine (Concerto)

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