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Ernesto Cortazar

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Dancing On The Clouds

Dancing On The Clouds

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I close my eyes and I can see myself at your side enjoying every moment in life. Are you real? Am I awake or "Dreaming"? I don't know but if this is a dream, I do not want to wake up ever. My love, just remember that no one loves you more than I do.

Dancing On The Clouds
Shall we dance? Today is the perfect day to let you know how I feel for you, for telling you that without you, my life does not have a meaning. I look into your eyes while we dance and I see your beauty reflected in your soul. Can you feel it? I do, when I am with you I feel like "Dancing on the Clouds".

When I See The Sky
"When I see the Sky" I see your eyes reflecting all your beauty and tender. "When I see the Sky" My heart feels yours and ask me when I will see you again, when I will kiss you again. Please come back, I need you and each minute that passes seems like an eternity.

Fly With Me
I invite you to dream, to imagine that the world belongs to us."Fly with me" and let's discover the most beautiful places together and let's live our romance everywhere we go.

Holding Your Hand
It is incredible how easy is to love you, to feel alive at your side. The most simple things in life with you seem to be the greatest, seeing you smile, walking with you, or simply "Holding your Hand".

This Album also includes:
- Lonely
- The Way You Are
- And When I Touched You
- Please Stay
- The Night Is Ours
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