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Ernesto Cortazar

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Days Of Innocence

Days Of Innocence

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The Language Of Love
Our bodies communicate by touching one another. Our eyes, just in one sight, express all the feelings we have, they say the truth of our souls. Our lips melt in passion and each moment seals our intimacy. Can you feel it? our silence is our voice and with our hearts we are speaking "The Language of Love".

Through The Hands Of God
Destiny will bring back peace and comfort to all the souls that tragically ended their mortal existence in this beautiful world to a better place guided "Through the hands of God" - (In Memoriam 9/11/01) God bless America.

Serenade Under The Moonlight
A full moon dressed in blue, I arrive in a small boat to express you my dreams, my feelings. At the time I get to shore, I will sing you the most beautiful song you have ever heard. For you my heart, my love and this "Serenade under the Moonlight".

Days Of Innocence
As time goes by, our hearts, minds and spirits begin remembering those moments of our life in which there was nothing more important than playing and being with our friends discovering new things and new emotions with no boundaries to our imagination. Those were the "Days of Innocence".

Capricho Italiano
Dancing across the mediterranean horizon, our eyes meet each other exchanging romantic glances while listening to this "Capricho Italiano"

This Album also includes:
- Eternamente (Eternally)
- Waltz Of Love
- Just Because...
- Unbelievably Yours
- As No One Else
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