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Ernesto Cortazar

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Faces Of Nature

Faces Of Nature

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Faces Of Nature
It is beautiful to enjoy the simplest things in life to admire all around us. How blessed we are, of being able to be witness of all the Faces of Nature.

Eagle's Flight
Feeling free is one of the greatest things we can experience, to be able of taking our own path, creating our own destiny. Go beyond mountains with our imagination and dreams, just like the Eagle's Flight.

To Become A Butterfly
Life, a path full of mysteries, surprises, emotions. A path we have to take since the day we are born. With time, we experience that metamorphosis that teach us how To Become a Butterfly and live free and shoe to others the beauty we have inside .

When The Ocean Sleeps
When The Ocean Sleeps, the wind caresses him creating small waves that bring tranquility and the moon lights those weaves giving them sparkles that hypnotize the night with their beauty. To share this view with the one you love is something to remember for life.

Dance Of A Hummingbird
There are many things that can make me stare for hours, but to see the Dance of a Hummingbird feeding from flowers, always busy, always so active, with that incredible grace and colors is something I would like to keep forever.

This Album also includes:
- Oasis
- Playful Wind
- Milky Way
- Night
- A New Day
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