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Ernesto Cortazar

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Forever You And I

Forever You And I

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Forever You And I
Forever, an infinite word. Love, an infinite feeling. With you, this word and this feeling merge in my heart, making me feel alive, making me see the world in a different way. Now, we share our lives, our love, our universe, and it will be forever, "Forever You and I".

As in a love story, ours will have a happy ending. Today, our love blooms as a flower that raises in Spring and with tenderness and care will reach "Eternity".

Tonight here I am, missing you. Since you have gone, nothing has been the same. My life is incomplete and my soul is crying, I need you you know? Yes, here I am, missing you. Yes, here I am, "Alone".

Fire And Ice
Why doesn't our river carry water anymore, why doesn't our sun light up the day. Is it possible that our love turned into indifference and indifference into routine?. Is it possible that we became "Fire and Ice"?.

For A Second Of Your Love
What have you done to me? Why can't I stop thinking about you?. Now, the only meaning of my life is you and I would do anything "For a second of your Love".

This Album also includes:
- Walking Through The Path Of Life
- Face Of Love
- Two Candles For Two Hearts
- No One Like You
- You Changed My Life
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