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Ernesto Cortazar

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Infinite Love

Infinite Love

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Infinite Love
Since the first moment I saw you, your eyes made me feel I belong at your side. There was never a moment when I didn't feel myself lost in love and passion by your side and that is why I am sure all we are is an Infinite Love.

Forever Yours
How easy is to love you, to feel alive with just the touch of your hand. Nothing in this world compares to this feeling inside me and that is why I am Forever Yours.

Never-Ending Story
Many moments, so many memories that give us the treasure of time. If I could write them all, this would be a Never-Ending Story.

Passionate Addiction
Your skin, your eyes, your lips. There is no better place on earth than by your side. My soul is a slave of yours and my heart pumps because of you. You are my Passionate Addiction and you will always be.

Our Waltz
Gliding between clouds, feeling no floor. Dancing with you was reaching the sky, our eyes seeing each other and our bodies becoming one. That is how I felt dancing Our Waltz.

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