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Ernesto Cortazar

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Just The Two Of Us

Just The Two Of Us

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Be My Valentine (Piano Version)
I think there's something I should say, my soul without you fades away, these feelings that I keep inside, are killing me so soft that's why...I hope that when you hear this song, your heart will open up for love, please my darling would you "Be my Valentine".

Just The Two Of Us
Let's spend this moment together, let's make the stars the witness of our love and this tree our shelter. The wind is singing our song can you hear it?. Let's create from this night a magical treasure. You and I, "Just the two of us".

Forever Maria
Maria, a soul that flies beyond the stars, a dreamer even at daylight, a simple woman that carries inside of her a heart more valuable than gold. My truly friend, my friend forever, "Forever Maria".

Table For Two
What a wonderful night, you look beautiful and you are wearing that dress you know I love. The place is perfect, the candles invite to romance. A good bottle of red wine will make this moment a perfect scene for love. Please host, make it a "Table for two".

Autumn Rose
Time has passed and the years have left a print on our skin. However you are still as beautiful as the first time I saw you, and your soul as pure as ever. You have always been my rose and now you are my "Autumn Rose".

This Album also includes:
- Love Letter
- Take My Hand
- Serenade
- My Heart Is Yours
- Wait For Me
- Be My Valentine (Song Version)
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