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Ernesto Cortazar

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Leaves In The Wind

Leaves In The Wind

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Leaves In The Wind
One day I was melancholic... remembering all those moments that I enjoyed, cried and smiled... so many moments like "Leaves in the Wind".

There is nothing in this world that can break your heart like the "Tears" of a woman..

When The Soul Cries
Listen to this theme and let me show you how I feel "When the soul cries".

Through time, life becomes "Magic" in your existence.

With You
A nostalgic theme that translates my feelings to music... Listen.... feel... close your eyes.

This Album also includes:
- Child Wings
- In My Heart
- Yesterday Loves
- Somewhere In My Soul
- Piano Drops

Alex Tseng performing Ernesto Cortazar composition "Leaves in the Wind"

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