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Ernesto Cortazar

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The day I will always remember.. There we were with the ocean, sand and sunset as witnesses. Our loved ones gathered in joy that day and as all that happiness surrounded us, we faced each other and with our heart in hand we said our Vows... the day I will always remember, the happiest day of my life.

My father left us with a wonderful gift that he always enjoyed to share. His music will be with us forever. Today it is my time to start sharing my music and to follow my family's Legacy. Today is the best day of my life because today I start sharing my music with you. Enjoy and share it with your loved ones.

My Once in a Lifetime
Since I was a youngster I felt in love with you. My love was platonic in that time and I remember dreaming being with you and sharing our lifes. Today that dream came true and I know my life was meant to be with you. You are My Once in a Lifetime.

Tania's Lullaby
I remember that night. You couldn't sleep and we were writing each other notes in the distance. Then I told you to wait and I sat at my piano to write you a melody, this melody. I sent you a note telling you to check you email. You found this melody attached and I told you "This is you lullaby" listen to it and close your eyes. I was so nervous while you listened to it and at the end happy. You closed your eyes and slept... This was my first melody dedicated to you, the first of many to come. Tania's Lullaby... a melody I keep always in my heart.

You give me such motivation and strenght. You make me dream day and night. Life has become the most wonderful adventure at your side and this Journey has just begun, there are so many stories to create together, so may moments to live.

This Album also includes:
- Dreams
- Nostalgia
- Dawn's Gift
- Promise of July
- When I'm With You
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