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Ernesto Cortazar

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Legend Of The Sea

Legend Of The Sea

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Legend Of The Sea
Once upon a time an old man told me a legend, the "Legend of the Sea". The legend says that the sea was created by the tears of a woman that was saying farewell to her loved one. Since then each tear from each woman has made the sea a place full of memories, each sea drop is a story, some of love, some of pain and some of hope. Now, each time I watch the sea I remember that old man and the woman that with her tears created this beautiful legend, the "Legend of the Sea".

Morelia's Waltz
A woman with a beautiful soul that dances at the same rhythm as the waves do. A friend with a heart of gold. For you this waltz, for you Morelia's Waltz.

Message In A Bottle
Loneliness is my companion since you left, silence is the sound that surround my existence and melancholy has become my best friend. Today I wrote you a letter, a letter in which I tell you how much I miss you, in which my feelings are written with tears. The sea is my witness and a bottle my messenger. Sea if you can listen to me guide this "Message in a Bottle" to my loved one and make him return, make him come back to me.

Waiting For You
The day you left my heart was broken. All our memories still surround my existence and your perfume remains in the air I breathe. For me there is no love without your love, there is no passion without your touch. Here I am, in my room listening to silence feeling each second passing by as an eternity but even though I will be "Waiting for you" always.

Secrets Of My Heart
You, only you gave me the hope of a new day, the wish to live each moment of my life. My soul belongs to you, and will belong forever. You are the only one who knows everything about me, the only one who knows the "Secrets of my Heart".

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- Dancing Waves
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