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Ernesto Cortazar

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So mystical, so beautiful, her eyes reflected sensuality. There she was, every man was looking at her. They all called her "Maja", as in Spain is called to every beautiful women. I remember her dancing, just dancing.

A man who fought with all the will and faith supported by the love of her dearest Jimena. An epical character that with his noble horse Babieca, made surrender his enemies by thousands in the crusades. This theme, "Cid", reflects his strength and personality.

Spanish Mascarade
There she was, smiling and enjoying the party. I went to her and invited her to dance. We danced all night without knowing who we were at that "Spanish Mascarade".

The time has come for the "Torero" to perform at the Grand Fiesta. He knows that he is risking his life, the fear is his companion. At the Plaza, there she is, the one that he loves, praying for him. He stands in front of her and dedicates the fight. Ole Torero!!! God be with you.

This theme is dedicated to the memory of one of the most expressive artist in history, "Dali". For you Salvador, with all my heart.

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- Angel
- Jitana
- Aranza
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