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Ernesto Cortazar

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Between Thorns And Roses
Love can bring so much happiness as pain, that's why I say love is a battle "Between Thorns and Roses".

Why do people hide their feelings, their emotions, their thoughts? We have to learn to express ourselves instead of living an eternal "Mascarade".

I Surrender To Your Love
Please, stop, look into my eyes and read all the love I have inside, for there are no words to express how much I feel and now, "I surrender to your Love".

Humble Confession
I don't know where to start, how to tell to you this love I have inside. This man cares for you like no one in the world does. I know that your love is for someone else but please accept this "Humble Confession".

I have a picture of you that makes me fly beyond the stars, dance in the clouds and reach the horizon.Your picture keeps me awake dreaming with you at my side. Yes, because of you I am a "Noctambule" that hopes to be at your side someday.

This Album also includes:
- Anonymous Romance
- Midnight Letters
- Hidden Love
- Nocturnal Melancholy
- Whispers Of Moonlight
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