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Ernesto Cortazar

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Memories Of The Fall

Memories Of The Fall

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Memories Of The Fall
It is impossible to forget you, to make aside each moment we had together. Do you remember that park? The bench in which we spent hours talking, laughing and in silence? I remember it as if it was yesterday. I always have with me those "Memories Of The Fall"

There are so many ways to describe you. A woman with a beautiful heart and soul, a girl with so many dreams and illusions. A friend always ready to help and give love... There are so many ways to describe you but there is one word that encloses all of them, you are a Lady.

Living A Dream
Each time I am with you becomes special. Each moment becomes a treasure that I keep in my heart. Being with you is Living A Dream that makes my life blessed.

Falling Leaves
It is beautiful to feel the wind in my face, caressing me and whispering in my ear. When this wind wants to get playful, it starts to blow a little harder and from the trees, Falling Leaves look like graceful dancers making their way to the floor.

Promises Under The Moon
Do you remember that night when we counted hundreds of stars and listened to the forest? There was this lake with an amazing shine on its waters. There we spent the most beautiful time together and we made Promises Under The Moon.

This Album also includes:
- Today, Tomorrow and Forever
- Reencounter
- Pearl Eyes
- Time To Waltz
- Please Don't Say Goodbye
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