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Ernesto Cortazar

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Mi México

Mi México

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Mi Ciudad
Guadalupe Trigo's Masterpiece. Born in the city of Mérida Yucatán in 1941, he moved to México City of 6. In his song "Mi Ciudad" Guadalupe Trigo shows the love he experienced for this city, folklore and people. His talent combined with Eduardo Salamonovitz's gave birth to one of the most beautiful songs. Here I honor Guadalupe Trigo's melody with an instrumental version which I dedicate to his son Fernando Ontiveros and Guadalupe Trigo's wife Viola Trigo and all their loved ones. With love and admiration, this humble tribute.

Cucurrucucú Paloma
Tomás Mendez wrote this beautiful Huapango style song in 1954. One of the most representative songs performed by many famous artists. Its first release was on 1955 when Pedro Infante performed it for a Mexican movie titled "Escuela de Vagabundos" (Vagabond School). Lola Beltrán immortalized Cucurrucucú Paloma and made this her most representative song. Harry Belafonte, Luis Miguel, Rocío Durcal, Lila Downs and Miguel Aceves Mejía performed this beautiful heartbroken song among others.

Cielo Rojo
"Cielo rojo" (Red Sky) is a huapango song written by Juan Záizar, a singer-songwriter from the Mexican state of Jalisco. It is one of Mexican singer Flor Silvestre's greatest hits and also one of her signature songs. She first recorded it in 1957 with the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán for the RCA Víctor label. Four years later, in 1961, she recorded a new version with the Mariachi México of Pepe Villa for the Musart label. The success of her interpretation of this song became the breakthrough of her musical career. She sang it in the film El ciclón (1959), where it was used as a theme song, and as a duet with Luis Aguilar in Juan sin miedo (1961). - From Wikipedia.

Amanecí En Tus Brazos
José Alfredo Jiménez, the composer of 1000 songs, was discovered by Miguel Aceves Mejía. José Alfredo was working as a waiter and he approached Miguel asking him if he could listen to one of his songs. Miguel took him to XEW Radio Station were José Alfredo seized his opportunity and from there, he became one of the most prolific singer-songwriter of all time. One of his most iconic songs is Amanecí En Tus Brazos which it was an honor for me to perform.

La Bikina
Rubén Fuentes was born on 1926 and in 1944 he joined the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán were he performed as violinist and musical arranger. He composed several standards and one of his greatest hits is La Bikina. His songs have been performed by Pedro Infante, Luis Miguel, Miguel Aceves Mejía, Flor Silvestre, Amalia Mendoza, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Javier Solís, and Vikki Carr, among others. Rubén Fuentes passed away on February 2022. With this version of La Bikina I want to honor his life and make a tribute to his amazing and prolific musical carreer.

México Lindo Y Querido
"México Lindo Y Querido" is a traditional mariachi and ranchera Mexican song written by Chucho Monge and made famous by singer Jorge Negrete ("the singing charro"). It is widely known throughout the Spanish-speaking world for its characterization of patriotism and loyalty for the land of Mexico. It has been covered by many well-known artists, including Alejandro Fernandez, Bertín Osborne, Ana Gabriel and Vicente Fernández and Pedro Fernández. - by Wikipedia

La Llorona
"La Llorona" falls under the genre of Mexican folklore and ranchera because of its origins as a legend and its heavy use of the guitar, respectively. One of the most famous contemporary versions of the song is performed by Chavela Vargas. The Spanish singer Raphael recorded La Llorona in the mid 1960s. Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade covered the song on her album Musas Volumen 2 released in 2018. Many artists have covered this beautiful song and now I want to make a tribute and dedicate this performance to my father in law Beto who considered La Llorona as his favorite song. Para ti Beto!

Malagueña Salerosa
Many have recorded and played Malagueña Salerosa, in particular Tríos huastecos, Mariachis and Bolero Trios. But the most famous version was made by Miguel Aceves Mejía with his mariachi. With Huapangos or Son Huastecos, the falsetto technique is used to great effect, as in David Záizar's version. Quite a few versions of the song feature vocal gymnastics by whoever sings them, particularly the stretching of vowels such as the "e" sound in the gentilic 'Malagueña' for as long as the singer can hold the note. Other known mariachi versions of the song were recorded by Antonio Aguilar, Ramón Vargas, Mariachi Vargas, Los Panchos, Los Tres Ases, Placido Domingo, José Feliciano among others.

La Chancla
Since I was a boy, I thought La Chancla was one of my grandfather's lyrics. I grew up loving this song as part of me. As I recorded this version, I discovered there is no record that links La Chancla to my family. It was a difficult moment as this version was already recorded and was my tribute to my grandfather on this album. Seems I will have to produce another album where I can honor him and his legacy. I never met him; he and my grandmother died when my father was 13 years old in a car accident. I remember when I was young I always dreamt with one minute, just one minute to be able to meet him. Today I dream to be able to honor his music and life through mine. Ernesto Cortázar Hernandez.

El Siete Mares
El Siete Mares, one more of José Alfredo Jiménez's immortal songs. According to Miguel Aceves Mejía, he did not play an instrument and did not even know the Spanish word for "waltz" or what "keys" his songs were in. José Alfredo was a natural talented composer who gave us his inspiration in songs that make us sing and feel all kind of sentiments and sensations. "El Siete Mares" (The Seven Seas) is a song in which a man calls himself El Siete Mares as he is a sailor sharing love on each port he goes, a joyful man who dreams to settle and share his life with the love of his life but as a sailor, it is not the life he can have.

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