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Ernesto Cortazar

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On The Top Of The World

On The Top Of The World

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Tonight you'll be mine
I loved you always but in silence, so many times I wanted to shout my feelings for you but my fear ordered me to shut up... Today is different... here you are... with me... by my side... and for first time... "Tonight you'll be mine".

On The Top Of The World
You... my strength, my motive, my meaning... the reason of my inspiration, just you can make me feel "On the top of the World".

Stolen Kiss
So many years ago... I felt in love, she never knew my feelings until one day in which I saw her sleeping... like an angel... I gave her a kiss. This theme is dedicated to that girl and that "Stolen Kiss".

So Sad To Say Goodbye
When you love someone and you know you will never see him/her again... that's the meaning of this theme... "So sad to say good bye"...

Secret Feelings
Have you been in love with someone that doesn't know your feelings? I have... I have dreamed to have her by my side, look at her and kiss her... but those are only my "Secret Feelings" about her.

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