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Ernesto Cortazar

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Paris by Night

Paris by Night

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Paris by Night
You and I, living a dream. Walking, holding hands, making each minute an everlasting memory here at Paris by Night.

Sourire (Smile)
Look around and see how beautiful life is, enjoy each moment, defeat sadness. Nothing gives more happiness than being yourself. Sourire (Smile) live life to the fullest .

Can you imagine a better moment? Dreaming together, living a miracle. The Siene is our witness and this sky our roof.

Embrasse-Moi (Kiss Me)
Forget all around us, just look into my eyes and see my love for you. Let yourself go and Embrasse-Moi (Kiss Me).

Souvenirs D'une Nuit (Memories of One Night)
Here I am, remembering you... All those magical moments we shared and that will be with me forever. Your smile, your eyes, your lips. They gave me so much warmth and tender, but I remember that night, our first night. Full of sentiments and sensations... I will keep them treasured forever. I will embrace those Souvenirs D'une Nuit (Memories of One Night).

This Album also includes:
- Ombres Dansantes
- Le Partage D'une Vie
- Des Moments De Bonheur
- Pour Toujours
- Tout Pour Toi
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