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Ernesto Cortazar

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Piano & Strings

Piano & Strings

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Pearl Of My Life
Since the moment we met, my life changed. I never thought that I could feel so blessed until you arrived. You are my everything, my each minute motivation. Thank you my love for becoming the "Pearl Of My Life".

When there is an emptiness, when nights become solitaire but full of memories that crush you inside. "Heartache" is the only thing you can feel.

Youth, Love and Fantasy
Will you hold my hand? I can't wait to see you again! Being at your side makes me fly. Dreaming of you each night makes me feel alive.... All those moments we live for the first time, our first time experiences which make us grow together are part of the most beautiful feeling ever. "Youth, Love and Fantasy".

Love Connection
It was a moment I will never forget. You, on the other side of the world and not even distance could avoid us feeling the strongest "Love Connection" that has existed. Now, we are together and this feeling keeps growing inside us and making us the happiest couple ever. Te amo mi cielo (I love you)...

I Will Mend Your Broken Heart
Why are you so lonely? Can I seat next to you? Have you seen how beautiful day it is today? I know you are sad and feeling like there is no motive for you to keep going, but believe me that if you give me the chance to show you how I feel for you, "I Will Mend Your Broken Heart". Just give me one chance and I promise I will make you my princess, the happiest woman on earth.

This Album also includes:
- Torn Soul
- When You’re In My Arms
- Soulmate’s Quest
- Hurts To Forget You
- Chained To Your Memory
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