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Ernesto Cortazar

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Life is full of moments, those moments become memories, those memories are and will be our "Reflexions".

Without A Father
I never heard I love you from his lips, I don't remember if he ever kissed me. 46 years has passed since I lost him and still hurts that I had a life "Without a Father".

Maria Elena
The woman who brought me to this world, so beautiful, so sweet, always with a smile. I remember when she used to tell me stories about wonderful places I've never heard before. I lost her when I was 13, I remember the last time I saw her, she was driving her car saying me good bye from the window, that's the last time I hard form her the words I love you, always with a smile, always "Maria Elena", I miss you mom.

God Sent Me An Angel
November 30th 1953, The day my parents passed away, I asked God to heal my pain someway. The years passed and one day I met the most wonderful woman in the world, I felt in love at the first sight, then one day, I asked when she was born, she said me, November 30th. Since I met my wife, my life changed, I have been the happiest man on earth and my pain healed. God sent me Berha, "God sent me an Angel".

The Greatest Miracle Of Love
I remember the first time I hold him in my arms, the first time I looked into his eyes, the first time I kissed him. That day I promised to God to make of him a man of good, I promised to be his best friend and teacher. That day, life blessed my wife and I with the "Greatest Miracle of Love", our son Ernesto (Gigio).

This Album also includes:
- Hopeless Childhood
- Leaving The Nest
- Between Birth and Death
- Youth
- The First Encounter
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