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Ernesto Cortazar

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Sailing Through The Stars

Sailing Through The Stars

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The Moon Is Our Pillow
Remember that night? I do. This is the song that describes what we thought, what we dreamed of, what made us feel we were on the moon resting our love and passion. Yes my love, tonight "The Moon is our Pillow"...

It is so beautiful to have you at my side, to have you in my arms and dream that we can dream together. With you I could travel to "Venus" and back. With you I can feel my heart alive.

The Sky Lives Among Your Eyes
As in a love story, I fell in love at first sight. When you were born the sun wanted to give you a gift, a gift that would last you forever. Since then "The sky lives among your eyes".

Sailing Through The Stars
Life is to enjoy, I heard those words from my Grandmother.She tought me that if I dream on something that I really wanted, I would be able to get it, that nothing is impossible just a little difficult to achieve.Since then each time I feel I failed, I look up to the sky and I see myself "Sailing through the Stars". Life is to enjoy and nothing is impossible to achieve.

Tonight passion is our companion, our bodies merge into one and our hearts get lost in the "Immensity" of our love. Tonight I am yours and forever.

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- Playful Comet
- A Waltz Towards Eternity
- Eternal Love Affair
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