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Ernesto Cortazar

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Scent Of A Lifetime

Scent Of A Lifetime

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In Memoriam: Anthony Quinn
One of the greatest actors in Hollywood history, a very close family friend that we will miss forever. In Memoriam: Anthony Quinn.

Scent Of A Lifetime
This piano piece reveals me in many ways. It shows the "Scent of a lifetime" in music, in the film industry which I love with all my heart, in my family, in my dreams. I hope you will enjoy it.

There are no words to express all what I feel for you. There is no sunshine that can compare to yours. "Bertha", the meaning of my existence, the light that guides my steps through this life that at your side has been the most beautiful gift that life could ever give me. For you all my love, all what I am. For you, this song.

La Vida Es Bella
Meanwhile I look to the sky and see how blue it is, meanwhile I listen to a bird singing and flying free, meanwhile I smell the scent of a rose as I walk through the woods, I realize how fortunate I am for being here. "La Vida es Bella" my soul shouts meanwhile a smile paints my face.

If I Could Love You
I just ask for one opportunity, for one moment near you to have the chance to tell you how I feel. "If I could love you" my life would be complete, would have meaning, would have everything it always dreamed of.

This Album also includes:
- Passage Of Time
- Vagabond Heart
- Running Free
- Reminiscence Of Childhood
- Dalu
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