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Ernesto Cortazar

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Silver Moon

Silver Moon

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Silver Moon
You, your smile, your bright eyes looking at me. I feel enchanted, in another world just by admiring you this night below the Silver Moon.

Dreaming of you even when awake, hoping to be at your side and tell you how much I feel for you... Is this love or just Infatuation?

Finally Together
Finally Together, ready to challenge the world with our love. This is the best moment of my life.. here... with you.

Truly in Love
When you feel completely in balance with life, with yourself. When there is no better place to be than with that special persona that moves you. When happiness becomes make her happy. Then, then you are Truly in Love.

Seems Like Yesterday
It Seems Like Yesterday when I met you. I remember you running to the coffee shop hiding from the rain and I invited you to join me at my table. We spent hours talking and time disappeared. Since that day, I am yours.

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