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Ernesto Cortazar

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Story Of A True Love

Story Of A True Love

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Story Of A True Love
Let me tell you a story, a story that will last until the end of time. It is alive and will remain this way forever. I found love with her, we lived a life full of miracles, moments that made us feel dancing on the clouds. Yes, we lived an eternal love affair and with this notes I want to share with you a Story of a True Love.

Four Shining Stars
The most beautiful experiences we had in life, our happiness, our motivation to be better each day. They came one by one with their own bright. How many amazing days we had together? Many, more than what we could ask to life. Together we lived an adventure, together we created our own universe. Ernesto, Edgar, Emmanuel and Mariana, our Four Shining Stars that will light our hearts forever.

Neither Time Nor Distance
A love like ours can move mountains, can make people believe. It has been a wonderful life together creating a path full of memories and loving treasures. This love grew so strong, that Neither Time Nor Distance will be able to make it disappear or fade.

Now And Forever
How wonderful is to know that our lives became one time ago and still today our hearts belong to each other. It is beautiful to remember those summers together and still enjoy them today. Our souls will never be apart and our love will exist Now And Forever.

Each Note Is A Message Of Love
Come closer, please sit and let your heart listen to mine. You and I have a language that will always have us close. Please come closer and touch my hands, this hands that are my way to tell you how much I love you in a different way, in my own way and remember, remember always, Each Note Is A Message Of Love.... Just for you.

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