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Ernesto Cortazar

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Tic Tac Blues

Tic Tac Blues

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Tic Tac Blues
When I was a child, my Grandpa used to have this pocket watch, all in gold, so beautiful. Once I asked him to let me hear it's tic tac, with a smile he put it in my ear, it was so sincronized so rithmical. I composed this theme remembering that moment, this theme called "Tic Tac Blues".

Play It Again
Have you been in a Bar, listening to the Piano man, with your drink in one hand and enjoying how he plays? Have you felt the need of saying him after he plays a song, "Play it again"? I dedicate this theme to those moments that I bet we all have been through.

In The Mood For Love
Today I woke up and looked at the window. The morning was so beautiful and the sky so blue, that invited me to be "In mood for Love".

Follow My Steps
That first dance in which you were so nervous, so shy, you told me you've never danced before and I said to you, just "Follow my steps", remember?

One of my dreams of all my life has been to learn to dance "Tap", honestly Itried once but truly I am a disaster. Someday I will try again, someday.

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