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Ernesto Cortazar

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Morir De Amor (Dying Of Love)

When the one you love looks to the horizon and searches for new frontiers, when that person does not see you the same way and those hands that used to touch you now are cold, your heart feels like "Morir de Amor (Dying of Love)".

You Are My Everything

Each moment of my life, each note I play, is dedicated to you. Long time ago, my heart became your slave and since then "You are my everything".


Walking by your side, feeling your hand and listening to the wind while we walk, gives me the happiness I always dreamed of. Now there is only one thing I beg to life and that is to be always "Together".

A Kiss In The Dark

As any couple, we look for intimacy, for quietness, for a romantic place. In that place we will give each other all our love and we will seal it with "A Kiss in the Dark"

Lost Without You

Your spirit surrounds my moments, my thoughts and every day that passes by. It seems like yesterday when I could hear your voice and breathe your essence throughout these walls that now remind me how much I'm "Lost Without You

This Album also includes:

- A Chasing Of The Winds- Endlessly- Yolanda- The Greatest Moment Of My Life- The Day We Met
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