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Ernesto Cortazar

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You Are My Destiny

You Are My Destiny

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"Mother", Your name has so many meanings for me, my best friend, my teacher, my doctor, my strength, my weakness, my most pure and profound feeling. You gave me life and happiness, you gave me faith and hope, all this without expecting anything on return, just because you love me. Now, it is time to let you know how much I treasure all what you have done for me, Mom, I love you, I will always do.

You Are My Destiny

I was born to be at your side forever, that is God's will. I will fight for your love until my last day, until my last breath. For you, I can climb any mountain, can cross any ocean and reach the most distant star. All this because I love you, because my heart will keep you eternally, because "You are my Destiny".

Love Spell

It is impossible to forget you. When I see the stars at night, I find you on each of them. What have you done to me? Why my heart does not stop missing you? You have me under your "Love Spell" and I beg to have you here with me.

Even Through The Distance

Another day far from you. Feeling the need of your presence, missing your smile and perfume. "Even through the Distance" I know you can feel my love the same way I feel yours.


There is only one thing I want to do in life, to love you. You, only you have the magic to make me feel the most fortunate man on the world, the happiest person ever. You, only you are the owner of my "Sentiments".

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